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Who are we?

We are the Yellow Engine Racing Team we are a bunch of 5 disabled people who found each other at a Streamer Assetto Corsa Competizione event. Since then, when we all have time, we have been racing and having fun at various Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing, rFactor and Raceroom events. Yellow Engine Racing got its name after the 12 hour races of Monza at CompGrinder, because we drove 6 hours with a yellow engine. And that also worked without any problems and without it blowing up. We don't have the top pace but we have fun and give everything we can.

What is Zap Hosting ?

ZAP-Hosting has been around since 2010 and specialises in gaming.
gaming and accordingly offers mainly game servers with a large selection of games. And for almost 1 year now, it has been our loyal partner in the area of game servers for our training servers. With which we have had zero problems so far. So we can't complain as a team, even our contact person is always available quickly and quickly for questions and other things. So a clear recommendation from us.

What is RC Sim Photography ?

RC Sim Photography does Whether you are looking for a new phone wallpaper or desktop background image, want to show off your new paint job, are a team looking for high quality images for social posts or anything in between, I offer a wide range of photography that can suit your needs.